Hybrid Sequencer

A midi/audio sequencer program that tries to provide easy access for live performances and deep editing features to give you complete control.

At the moment I'm regarding it as a toy, miles apart from a proper DAW like Ardour, Renoise, Ableton or QTractor. Its purpose is to fill a (personal) gap in live performance software for Linux. Most of the features are implemented except midi controller editing in the midi grid. When that's done it will go into beta (Q2 2013). Until it is reasonally stable I will not post any executables.

It's main features are:

- unlimited undo,

- elastic audio (audio marker warping)

- glitch-less pattern loading while playing

- fast midi editor

- internal sampler

The project is hosted at


Loop editing

You can change warp markers to correct timing or to apply more timing to individual hits. The sample can be stretched independantly from the loopmarkers. Granular timestretching is used so the original pitch of the sample is retained. Pitch can also be changed indepandantly from the timing.


MIDI editing

You will input midi notes and controllers in this screen. At the very bottom is a overview of all notes in the grid which allows you to zoom and pan the whole grid.


Sampler plugin editor

You can drag samples to the sampler or even better; you can drag samples into the midigrid and it will automatically create a midinote and also a sample in the sampler which reacts to the created midi note.

There are a few filters which resemble Moog, tb303, etc.

Published on  February 6th, 2013